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    I apologise for the rant but I’ve been sitting on this for 3 days. I am a single mother of a 1y/o, more so than ever now as LO father is extremely high risk. So I thought, I’ll stick a food order in for later in the month so I can guarantee delivery……..I cant book anything from now to the 25th!!!! Utterly ridiculous, I dont drive so trying to balance 2 weeks worth of shopping on the back of the pram never mind exposing LO to the virus on the bus or in the shop!!!! I’ll think of a way round this but join in the rant if this is vexing you too xx

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    I got my order today thanks to deliveroo. It was a bit expensive but it came from m&s.

    In our road we shop for one another so that  been made so much  easier.  I know what you mean as my child has mild dypraxia so we go out and about  in a wheel chair buggy.

    I can’t get out now as my child is off school & heard about this service  on the radio. It’s bloody brilliant and I’m one happy mummy.!!!

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    Please share more info on this delivery? ???????! Sounds like a dream come true! I’ve never heard of it.

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    Deliveroo is an app you download onto your phone. I received a delivery from Morrison on Friday so 2 deliveries in one week is not bad. You are rationed but beggars can’t be choosers and we got croissants, chicken, fruit, bread, jaffa cakes, chocolate milk, veg etc…

    So google the app and it takes 20 seconds to download. I suggest ordering around 9am in morning as you have more of a choice. If you buy extra just freeze it.

    We also can get a deliveroo from Co op too but m&s and Morrison have got a better selection. Morrison more choice of meat etc….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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