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    I am so glad I am not the only one that does that. I have made so many profiles and deleted them shortly after. I am mostly ok being single and don’t mind my own company. Evenings do sometimes get a bit lonely though (especially after a few glasses of wine and a lot of overthinking) so I think lets jump on and find someone to chat to, then quickly realise how desperate I must have come across in the morning, oops.

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    Exactly my thoughts Marv282. Had a moment when i reached out to online dating, but quickly realised this is not the way. Decided that i will not do OLD. And don’t even start with overthinking, thats my second name haha. But no. Still no to online dating 😉

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    Online dating is being ruined by too many fake profiles,The standards people expect there potential partners to be is ridiculous,so it puts pressure on people to lie about who they are,and it ends in disappointment,The thing is u can be who ever u want wen u r messaging people but you will get caught out,I’m old fashioned I’d rather meet someone the normal way wateva that is

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    Agree with you, but sometimes there is no time to meet someone the normal way when you work all the time and after work the only thing you want is to lie on the sofa and watch TV

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    Marv282 I have also created sites then deleted them the next day, either on a night out with a couple of friends or after a glass of wine!
    Thank goodness I’m not the only one – it seems a few of us do this 😂

    Jsmoove I too am old fashioned, I’d definitely rather meet someone the ‘normal way’ ha

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    OK so I met someone on match, I think there is something about having to pay for a dating site that suggests some commitment to the cause! Whilst I have met someone lovely there were some stranger folk but because it’s a bit more annoymous it was easier to cut ties than if I had met them at work or through a friend. Good luck, you are no age a s kids should not prevent us from having lives too!!!

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    it seems to me that it is better to avoid such a risk

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    Not everyone can conduct online dating. Most people are just ashamed of communication, and then there is online dating. Of course, I advise you to start with live communication, but if there is no such opportunity due to the distance with your soul mate, you can use online dating sites. At the moment, even I am addicted to various dating sites and as a result, I am already meeting with one young lady. A lot of sites are now trying to deceive you in some way or, on the contrary, to cheat you for money. Personally, I used the site and checked it myself and now I do not suffer.

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    Online dating is okay if you want to meet potential partners and perhaps build confidence, just be careful. Read about online dating safety and the latest tricks exploiters may be using to deceive unsuspecting victims.

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