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    A big no.

    I will never go online dating again. You can’t beat meeting someone in real life and getting that spark going.

    Try talking to colleagues or shop workers, anyone to get your confidence up. 😀

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    Hi there. Just a thought if you hate online dating and prefer meeting people face-to-face. Why not try Venchur. It’s only on Android for now, but it’s a dating app based around meeting face-to-face rather than trying to get matches and then endlessly sending messages. Thanks, Nick.

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    Umm yeah alot of oddies n lies also money grabbers I dont reckon its worth payong for tbh. Its so wierd how nobody seems to do chat ups or ask anyone out ha. I think if you have kids involved u have to be even more wary for obvs reasons

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    Only skimmed through the comments but am really sad that so many people are saying don’t go near internet dating – that is how it is done nowerdays, I don’t think there is much escaping it…there are so many different sites on offer and yes, there are people out there who are going to screw you over…but you’ve just got to set your rules at the beginning and stick to them (I learnt the hard way a couple of times, getting too involved emotionally before I’d even met someone and giving too much away too quickly which is easy to do when you aren’t face to face with a person). There are so many people out there that really are looking for something serious, you’ve just got to be sensible to see through the idiots and find them. I met my new partner on Tinder (I was 39 so not exactly young!) and he is about as opposite of what you would expect from a Tinder date (in a good way!) so it’s not impossibe by any means. My ex partner met his partner on plenty of fish (also known for being a bit of a meat market) and she is lovely and my ex is a good catch too so it really isn’t all bad. 🙂

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    I have been single for nearly 4 years. I am impressed that you guys have had the confidence to try dating at all. I like the idea of meeting someone but i dont live in an area where I know a lot of people (other than other parents) and am so scared of history repeating itself if i did get into a relationship. I have been through the mill and i dont want to go through it again 🙁

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    try 30yrs with your ex!!! I am totally astonished that mine did it (again !- so why was I surprised???!- foolish, trusting, loved him!) Anyway, at my age its hard to”get back out there”- and quite embarrassing as well! tried online dating but its all a bit uncomfortable! Some of the sites ( but not at the moment), do evenings for singles , which may be more fun and “safer”?? Not tried it yet ! Its hard meeting people when you’ve been a couple for most of your life and all yr friends are couples! Tried tinder, POF, bumble, fitness singles! sometimes its good to simply get someone nice to chat to boost your confidence. But yes, some of them are expensive if you want to exchange messages .There are definately some odd ones out there so tread carefully!

    I’m always looking for new friends, anyone near the Somerset/devon border ??I still have my 3 kids with me but they’re older teenagers.

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    Its I great way to meet people but it carries a lot of potential for them to lie to you because all you know about them is what they present to you, so be wise to that and you should be okay.

    Lot’s of couples meet like that so clearly it works for some! Although no one I know met their partners that way. Most were at uni/work/hobby related events etc.

    If I had to pick one, I’d recommend tindr though x

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    Ha, ha, ha…..

    I only read the first comment So in response to @kanger1 I have delved into online dating.

    My entrance was originally via the local pub landy who flashed her plenty of fish account infront of me and suggested it would be fun.

    I didn’t have time. 3 kids, studying, new hone, new area etc.

    I dismissed her suggestion and continued my venture into various groups in the pursuit for new friendships etc.

    Then whilst working in the kitchen of a pub a colleague was raving about her new fella that she’d net online.

    I polietly turned my nose up and continued into clubs and drunken pole dancing with a female neighbour who entertained thd idea.

    I met someone. A younger male who I polietly dated until me and my ‘neighbour’ ended up hissing at each other over him. Not the lifestyle I’m looking for.

    So on I went and in october 2018 met a lad who I’d been speaking to on plenty of fish. We met, we dated and although we kept drawing at stale mate we carried on until about 3 months ago.

    I’d just built myself up to put myself out there again then the lockdown hit. So me and this lad have started chatting again.

    Do it.

    I tried speed dating first which was really intense but a good giggle.

    Outside of lockdown theres quite a bit for singles you just have to put the effort in.

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    What does Gaslighting mean?! I’ve never come across that term before! 🤣

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    I had no idea there were so many dating apps. Good to know! Thanks.

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    I have been thinking about going on one of those sites but it’s when you have to write a  bit about yourself I just don’t know what to put. As a single parent with two young children I don’t go out or do anything for a hobbies as I work and if I’m not at work I’m at home with my kids,  who would want to pick me??? Lol

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    I’m gobsmacked that Apple gave BC-kid his money back for no success on Bumble!!!!

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    You never know where Mr right will come from. And then, many people have succeeded on dating sites, however, many have failed as well.

    Your partner may be in a church, at the mall, on the streets,or somewhere you did not even expect.

    Venture any chance that avails if you can, you never know where your luck is.

    Above all, be truthfull, and be yourself. Do not push too much, or relax reluctantly.

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    I think online dating is just for fun, nothing serious. I tried Tinder 2 years ago, waste of time. Now I’m testing chatroulettes, CooMeet is nice one. I use it from time to time just for communication with girls from all over the world. Nothing serious, just for fun when I’m bored. Nica alternative to the dating sites

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    If only Gingerbread had a dating section, I wholeheartedly agree.

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