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    Hi, I have been chatting to a guy on online dating for a couple of months. We couldn’t meet up with work, kids, etc but kept chatting. The other week in conversation he said he had been chatting to someone without kids & had arranged to meet up but he would like to keep messaging. I get good luck with the date & it wasn’t fair on the other woman for us to keep messaging. He continued to message me & said he had decided not to meet the other woman & that we had just got off to a bad start. He messaged all that weekend & said if we had met up we could of spent weekend together doing something. I said yes we could of . We arranged to meet the following Tuesday which was last week for a coffee. Everything went well & we had a laugh. We left coffee shop. He was going into shop next door to buy wellies so he said do you want to come too. We had a look round & a chat about stuff in there.We said bye & there was no mention of another date. I messaged him later that day & said thankyou for the coffee & he said welcome. We had a bit more chat about what we were doing rest of day. Next day he sent a lighthearted message about the wellies were waterproof, he had tried them out. We messaged a bit more during the day. Next day when checking my online dating messages. I noticed him online so I sent him a message saying fancy seeing you on here. His reply was I got a notification there was a message. So I said oh was it a nice message & his reply was it was from you dafty. I don’t get messages from anyone else. We messaged all weekend & I said if you want to meet up for another coffee let me know when & where you want it. He replied will do. We messaged all weekend & he asked how I was & what I was doing. I said I was going out for a couple of drinks with friends. He said oh don’t forget to 👀 for a man. Was this a joke or was he waiting on a reaction what I thought of him.

    We chatted all weekend & I said I was going for a walk on Sunday up this massive local hill with friends. Then on Monday he sent a message how’s you? Then he said what he was doing Monday usual day, Tuesday/ Wednesday driving stuff, Thursday work, Friday meeting mate to walk up a popular local hill.  Why did he need to tell me his plans for the week. Why did he need to tell me he was going hillwalking too. ?

    Is he dropping hints that he is free at the weekend?

    He has messaged today just asking how’s things, what was I up too & telling me what he’s doing. He hasn’t mentioned going for the coffe.

    Is this guy interested?

    Is he being shy ?

    Is he not sure what I want?

    Am I wasting my time?

    Can anyone give me any advice.

    Much appreciated thanks


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    Is anyone on here to offer advice.

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    You sound extremely desperate !why don’t you find yourself a hobby or volunteer!instead of trying to read this blokes mind .

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    Hi Nic123! Based on what you’ve said, I think he doesn’t sound overly keen, as he seems to want to keep you available to him, but not motivated to turn it into something more. I would probably tell a friend telling me this that he doesn’t seem invested enough in you to warrant you spending your energy on him. Though saying that, I think I’d bet money on him becoming a lot more interested if you became less available to him! That’s not advice to do that or anything 😆 Well done you anyway for being out there! I still can’t muster the energy. Dating is a nightmare!!! Best of luck xx

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    Andrew uk

    Hi. Message me if you want and we can chat.

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    I think this is a common problem with online dating, chatrooms and the like, so many flippant and insincere people and maybe people in general now. Even on Gingerbread i’ve given advice to questions using my own experience and knowledge and 9 out of 10 times i don’t get a simple thanks or thank you, just 1 or 2 words taking 30 seconds max. So don’t be too upset and disillutioned i’m sure there must be some sincere people online, just bide your time and hopefully you’ll find a good man. Good luck.

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