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    Im 23 years old I broke up with my first child’s father nearly a year ago due to the relationship being toxic and I had my own substance issues I’ve now been sober for 8 months newrly 9 and coming to the end of a parenting Assement they have made it difficult the entire way I was put into a placement with my son for the first time this year on Christmas and they then told me to leave as someone made a anon report that I was pregnant (which I thought they were aware of by the midwife ) by my first baby father I am not with either men and have no conatct with either and that is because I choose to and the whole process has been difficult my sons first foster carear treated my son horribly and I made so many complaints and got ignored hundreds of times and then when it was acknowledged it was excused I went from being a victim of domestic abuse , human trafficking and a near fatal stabbing to the worlds worst mother in there eyes and has fought everyday for nearly a year and now with this second child on the way it alsmost feels like they want me to fail I’m now in the final three months and the pressure they apply to me whilst coping with a pandemic is horrible and I don’t know where to look for support I have my friends and family but they’re not single mothers so sometimes they don’t get it

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