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    I’m new to this site. I an an older parent, 52 and my son is 9. He lives with me full time. I love him dearly and will do anything for him.

    However by the same token I feel trapped as I have no social life and hardly any support mechanism in place. If anybody else is in this situation, how do you cope?

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    I’m a widowed single dad in same boat as you really. I’m 50 yrs old After my partner died I had to go part time with work and make a lot of changes as my son was only 3 at the time. That was 4 yes ago.

    I know how you feel it’s not easy. I don’t have much family now and not much support. It’s quite a lonely life but I’ve accepted that this is the way it will be. My social life is a bit non existent too. After my son has gone to bed I’m washing ironing and tidying up Lol

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    It is difficult, I agree. However I’m now considering the effect of my reduced social life on my child, as never looked at it that way until recently. Your children learn from you so you have to model sociable behaviour in their company too. Otherwise I’m afraid they may feel they can’t leave and make the choices they might want to do when the time comes for fear of thinking they have an obligation. Then this single parent thing will have ruined more lives and it just rolls on. You have to force yourself to go out and do what you can within the constraints you have, but so easy to curl up on sofa! Just my thoughts anyway 🙂

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    I can only empathise as I’m 55 with two teenage boys, no family nearby and my husband,  who moved out in November, hardly ever spends time with his sons. I’m struggling more and more to stay positive and have lost the energy and strength to challenge the boys to get off their devices (one has Aspergers, the other is equally stubborn) which they’d be on 24/7 if they could. I came on here to look for a local group – maybe that would help you?

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    I feel the same at the moment, there’s just me and my daughter and has been for 13 years, the lack of support and all the decisions being solely my responsibility is starting to become a massive strain. Just having someone to say yes thats the right choice would be good,

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