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    50 with a 7 and 17 yo.


    live in surrey work in london so would love to chat with other in similar situation

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    Hello again, everyone

    I started this chat and now i am not sure what to do with forming our own group, apologies!!  I really thought they’d be loads of these groups around .  Any suggestions? We could get together somewhere? It would be a shame too let it all go after all these responses

    Perhaps we could start a FB group….? Dont know


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    A fbk group would be great

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    Im a single dad in my 50s in the west midlands so im not the only one !!!


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    Good evening. I’m a 45 yr old with a 6 year old! Live south east ish nearest postcodes are CR and SW so quite confused.  Would love to chat and meet other parents.

    Facebook group would be good… I can be quite a good organiser ( kickers of butts) to get things happening.  😀  Love to meet up.

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    One of my customers said “ you look too old to have a 12 year old “! I wasn’t pleased, I’m only 54!

    Any one in north Wales?

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    I had my twins in my 40s as well. I’ m in Devon .

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    Hi am a older parent,i have 3 children,but my youngest is 8,and i am 47

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    Just joined the forum and this is my first post!  I’m a ‘nearly’ 52 year old mum with a 13 and 19 year old, please let me know if anybody decides to set up anything for older parents as I would be interested  – I’m based in Cheshire x

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    I haven’t been on here for an age, but I’m 48 with a 9 year old son living in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, anyone near me?

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    I would be happy to meet up with a group.  I am nearly 51 and have a 12 and a 14 year old.  Catherine

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    Hi. I’m new here but this seems to be where I fit. I’m 50, divorced 6 years and mum to one teenage daughter, who hardly ever sees her dad. (His choice, not hers). I’m fine most of the time but do feel like I’m the only one. Most of my married friends deserted me as soon as I separated from my Ex, like I was a disease! Glad to hear there are people who feel the same.

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    44  here with a beutiful 15 month old daughter.

    I know what your feeling.  I’m too old to be going through this rubbish!

    Would love to join a group let me know what happens

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