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    Hi Everyone

    Recently I bumped into this single mother on the charity for baby. Long story short I don’t feel comfy around here because I noticed the red flag that she is like to control me and always inviting herself to my flat and decided to stay away from her because everytime I did not reply her text she said will call the police and social services to my place which makes me upset. Last week she did it it again telling me willcall the police for any sake of it I don’t feel like she has the right to do that and at the end I told her to stop disturbing me and I will block her number.

    Yesterday police called me and telling me she reported me stolen her money couple of times and some stuff also and police told me not to contact her or else its gonna be bad for me.

    I called the police to report her false report/ accusations.

    Is there anything I an do like report her to social services because I feel scared of her now.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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