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    My son has always enjoyed going to nursery, and it’s always been necessary for three days a week he attend because his mother and I both work full time. Obviously it’s been months now since he’s had to go to nursery, and I know that I’ve appreciated the time I’ve had with him to no end.

    But, we are starting back at work now and this means that at times we will both again be in need of childcare. Is it worth sending him back now? What are other people doing? He doesn’t have any pre-existing respiratory or otherwise high risk health conditions, but the threat of this continuing for a long time has had me thinking that maybe I take some extra time to have the boy whilst his mum works just to scope it out a bit. See how this will play out, especially when they open up all the hotels for holiday makers! I’m based on the North Wales coast, and I think the main worry for people is that we will be most effected when travel is completely unrestricted to the area, as we’ve not been so badly effected as of yet in lockdown. What do you reckon? Is there any conclusive information on how the virus behaves with children in a school environment? Most likely bloody not

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    Yes send him back. He will have fun and learn  from his peers. He’s quite safe so there is nothing to worry about

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    Hi, my 4 year old son has been going to nursery Although coz I’m a keyworker. He loves it’s its his bit of normal in all of this craziness. He is happy and safe the staff remind the kids to wash their hands all of time. He gets to see his friends, and the staff are amazing and no different to normal with him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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