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    My ex and I split when I established his affair 18mths ago. He refused to move out of the house we lived in so I had to (with my little one – we were arguing too much).

    We agreed Custody as part of a separation agreement.
    He does not take our little on any more than what is agreed. He will not ‘come and go’ with me when it comes to care. He makes himself unavailable if I ask to swap  weekends which made things difficult in the beginning but I learned not to even bother asking.

    But…he expects me to just bow down to any changes he might have to make to arrangements at his end like work courses and his families birthdays etc. He leaves me with no option and a disappointed little person who I have to do his explaining to.

    He’s just sold our family home (I signed it over to him and took my share when we split), moving in with his parents until him and his now pregnant partner wait for their new home to be built.

    He’s refusing to tell me any details of this new address.

    He’s actually began to just make his care arrangements with my 8yr old and not me…he told my little girl about the pregnancy and the move then informed me thereafter. Our 8yr old has only met his partner 5 times. He decided to keep his partner / his affair a secret until I had ‘moved on’ with my new partner. Always looking to be the ‘good guy’ – so it’s been a lot for my little girl to take on.

    Anyway, I feel our little person is too young to be treated in such a manner and it’s me that’s having to answer all the difficult questions when she comes home from his.

    I’m at my wits end. His lack of respect for me in this situation is laughable but i feel it is damaging for my little person to see.

    What, if anything, can I do?

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