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    I left my partner in September for many reasons and I took our now 15 month old with us.

    He wants to see his son and I have always told him I wouldn’t stop him. Problem I have is I work and pay for child care so I can work a few extra hours. My ex seems to think he can rock up whenever he likes and disrupt everything because he thinks it’s “helping”.

    He tends to rock up at my current accommodation at nap time or just after I have put little one down. When little one wakes up we have lunch which my ex is always criticizing what I am feeding him and moaning if little one doesnt eat all of him lunch. There is then 2 hours of entertaining his child – a fair chunk of which is spent following me around and watching what I am doing. Followed by an 45 minute process of him leaving.

    I really dont know how to go about telling my ex I am not willing to let him have his son over night without me when he cant entertain him alone for longer than an hour and that he doesnt have the facilities per say to accommodate him. I also dont know how to go about explaining to my ex that little one has a routine and any small change affects him (and in turn me) because my ex does not care about that.

    I just dont know where to start to try and make things better.

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    Hi. Sounds tough. There is actually places that can help but I guess sometimes it depends on where you are. But I would suggest looking into family mediation in your area. You can get legal aid to cover the costs. There are contact centres as well but I would think you would have to get in touch with them to find out the process and they are also helpful in pointing you in the right direction to resolve the issues without having to go to court. Hope that helps some.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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