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    I’m a single dad age 32 I have a 3yr old and a 5yr old… I have been receiving the universal credit benefit now and housing benefit for around 6 months but I’m finding it so hard to live I don’t see the amount I receive on a monthly basis too is enough it hardly seems to be helping I’m just scraping through each month.. my partner unfortunately passed away 7 months ago from cancer we had been togeather for 9yrs and I’m just lost it’s so hard I have no idea what benefits I am claiming or even be entitled too every time I speak to the DWP I feel alienated it’s not easy I was in full time work from 16yrs old as a electrician and now I’m at home with my children everyday barring my 5yr old who is in school but how do they expect you to find work it just seems impossible  I’m not saying I don’t want to be with them it’s not like that I’m just struggling financially and emotionally at the moment it’s such hard work there has to be more benifts me and my children are entitled to surly not just this universal credit I’m receiving….

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    Hi Danny.  I sympathise with you.  It is a bit of a mind field, never mind all the emotional stresses you must be going through.  Gingerbread have there own benefit calculator.  Have you tried it.  The link is below.  I hope it helps.  P.

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    Thanks for your reply everyone I’m sorry didn’t want to come across as someone who feels like he’s entitled to everything it isn’t like that I was just honest working as a electrician my partner worked part time as well as looking after the children I really never knew how hard it was being a being at home with the children untill our circumstances changed I totally respect and take my hat off to anyone parent that has to be at home full time looking after children aswell as all the upkeep of the house…. my son is only gets 15hrs a week at the moment but if I work he could get 30hrs but the problem I have is finding a job that will be willing to work within those hours from 9am till 4 pm which is 7hrs a day I couldn’t start work till after 9am and then I’d have to finish at around 3pm so say maxim I could work would be 10am while 3pm as my daughter is at school too so I’d have to work around her school hrs.. my job was 10hrs – 12hrs a day 5 days a week sometimes more I know I couldn’t go back to that but even trying to find part time work as and electrician is hard as they want 40hrs plus a week i would id work or do anything im not botherd about that… so please please I don’t want any off you to think I’m going on and moaning  Im ust finding it hard I do get help with HB… and council tax support.. the last few yrs of our life have been so surreal I feel so lost at the moment thank you again for your messages… kind regards Daniel

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    Don’t for get to go on warm home discount website, your entitled to £140 off your gas/electric bill if your supplier hasn’t stopped paying out.  I’m waiting to hear about my council tax and fruit/veg vouchers, it seems to be taking for ever.  Like you say you feel like your begging.

    Im a full time stay at home mum, none of it easy go easy on yourself.  I’m sorry the past few years have been so unkind to you

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    Hi Danny86

    I’m really sorry to hear about your loss and it’s so recent that it’s understandable that you’re feeling the way you are. I just can’t imagine what you’re going through and with 2 little ones.

    You take it easy and look after you and your children. I’ve no answers but please feel free to chat any time

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    It such a real juggle Danny, and some days will completely overwhelm you and make you question if you can do It, but  the very fact you are reaching out and wanting to find a solution speaks volumes about your strength and character. I do hope things get a little easier for you soon. I wound up changing jobs completely to find something that worked around school hours etc. Citizens Advice is a good place to start for a benefits check. They may also be able to check if there are any non state benefits/grants specific to your circumstances/situation. Definitely worth a chat with them. Take care.


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    Hi. Just clicked on after reading the first few lines because I am feeling exactly the same way “ I don’t know where to start”.  I hope you will find the strength to deal with your problems and I am sorry to hear your loss and I  at loss myself in here. Not knowing what to think of my life situation but I know things will be ok.

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