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    We have both decided to split.  Long story as to why this is the way things have come to the way they have needless to say lying is the biggest problem in this as he has lied immensley.

    I have been warned by an organisation in honour based violence that there is a potential for honour based violence to erupt potentially involving the children.


    I am happy for him to help in child care to maintain contact and at my home.  I am not happy for his family to be involved I do not know them  and don’t trust them apart from 2 people who told me what was going on.  I had been warned that there may be pressure put on him and his wife (this is a long story) to have had children to potentially promise in marriage by Karma nirvana (honour abuse) specialists.     During the relationship He was obviously tried to keep me away from his family because of his lies about his relationship which was arranged to his wife.  But thy had trouble conciving.  So his sister thinks he used me.  I find it strange that someone would go to those lenghts to have children.

    So the arrangements are he will have the girls Monday morning and wednesday to assist in getting them ready and to school.  And take the eldest who is 4  swimming once a week.


    What would you do?

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    Can you please contact the Gingerbread helpline to discuss this in more detail, as it does raise some concerns.

    Thank you.

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    Hi moderator do you want me to read my messageto the helpline worker?

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    Hi again. Yes absolutely. Please just tell them you posted on the forum and were directed to the helpline, then read them what you’ve written. They will be able to help and/or direct you to appropriate services.

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