Not one family member wished my 13 year old happy birthday, not even by text

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    Hi, Im really heartbroken by this. There has been no fall out, we are all pleasant to each other. They just simply don’t care or think about us. We are in touch on a weekly basis though but then this happens and she is only a child. Im worried she will think this is normal behaviour for family to not care. How do I cope and move on from this pain and knowing my family dont even care enough to send a card or text to a child? Any tips?


    Thank you

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    I’m sorry you have to go through this on top of your difficulties,it hurts a lot,and strangely many divorced people say their families seem to cut them out after they get divorced and need family the most..When I had situations as you describe I (Eventually!) plucked up my courage and reminded my family occasionaly of their ‘duties’ which admittedly was mortifying for myself but sometimes had effect and benefited my kids.I think sometimes people just don’t think about it,and if they’re not in a similar circumstances have no idea how much we value small acts of kindness like that.

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    Thank you for your message. I agree with you but these are actually my side of the family. My dad, mum, step mum, brother.I did remind them a few times and still nothing.Seems unless I remind them daily they will just forget. Their granddaughter is obviously not very important to them.They even seem to be a bit offended when I remind them. I know they dont care but it hurts to see my kids realise this too, there is only so much I can hide from them.

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    My dad even sent me a pic of my step mums birthday card a couple of days ago, so they do appreciate cards and know thoughts. We are just insignificant to them obviously, just wish they even sent a text for the kids.

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    😉 ….my experience is Only from my side of the fam.My kids dad’s side ceased to exist for my kids loooooong ago.My youngest (age10) has no memory of ever meeting anyone from his side! Yes,they will have feelings for Themselves,but will need gentle reminders about You.It’s hurtful,I’m sorry.We have to keep our chins up and treat ourselves.

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