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    I’m new to the forum but I wonder if anyone has / had a similar problem. I separated in 2014 from my ex and to start off with we had a family arrangement where he was using CMS calculator to work our how much child maintenance money he should be paying. Obviously I don’t have access to his income information and trusted him to calculate it correctly. However, when after 4 years the payments haven’t changed a bit ( if anything they reduced as he started to have my little one every other weekend) I asked him for upto date info re his income  which he refused. He never paid for nursery / school trips / after school clubs / school meals as he thinks CMS covers it all.
    so my first question is – what does / does not cms cover?

    After 4 years and numerous arguments I decided to go through Cms directly which he didn’t like and told me that I won’t get more anyway. As it turned out I got about 20 more per month which is a lot for me. Again he didn’t like it and told me that he has baby coming (current relationship) and he soon will pay me less anyway. The payments reduced again in September last year.
    There is however a massive issue which I spoke to him numerous times about. He has 2nd property which he rents out. The rental income from this has never been included as he doesn’t declare it to HMRC. I asked him to come clean but he refused. So I applied to CMS for income variation in February. They rejected it. I appealed which is called mandatory reconsideration and supplied info from zoopla re current value, purchase date and price. They must have got in touch with him as he rang me and tried to manipulate me saying that the income is his pension / that it is for my little one future etc. Eventually he must have lied to them as I just received another rejection letter from CMS. The reason they provided is insufficient info.
    This is ridiculous as the property belongs to him and I gave them all info I had a time. The letter states that I can now appeal to Tribunal. I’m not happy with CMS and thinking about complaining about the service I received.

    and this is my 2nd question- has anyone complained about CMS ? What’s the best way to do it?

    My final question is has anyone appealed CMS decision to tribunal? What’s your experience? Result? What can I do? What do you write? I <u>even</u> went on land registry and paid 3 (I know not a lot) to confirm that my ex is listed as the owner of the property he rents out. I have the document ready to attach with my tribunal appeal?

    many thanks




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