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    Over the last few months/year I’ve come to terms, with the fact that after 2 1/2 years of wanting her dad to step up and, well basically it isn’t going to happen!

    And I’m actually loving being a parent!

    I’m considering starting a Facebook page for single parents that are truly single parents and only have an escape if they go to work and there child is in childcare or no escape at all.
    I’m not being rude, or outing single parents that has another parent that has regular access…. I’m thinking outdoor walks with the dogs, kids maybe trips to rhs rosemoor, just something with like minded single parent that need an escape, other than there support network.

    im talking about an all weathers group, sod the weather walk the dog and child on the beach, go to the moors, rosemoor, camping in the summer. It’s a group for outdoors people, who feel lost, isolated and held back from enjoying the outdoors because there isn’t two of you.

    thoughts and comments appreciated!

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    It’s great that you’re thinking of setting up a group although if you set up a gingerbread group which is easy to do, you will then have support from the gingerbread team aswell as other coordinators, setting up a fb group is ok but you wouldn’t be able to advertise it here, there are also safeguarding issues which need to be thought about.

    Another observation is the definition of a single parent, I’m the coordinator for the Somerset group and we have discussed this at one of our meets, it was decided by all that there isn’t a strict definition and that people from many different situations class themselves to be single parents. I could give a number of examples but am reluctant due to privacy issues. An example I can give without upsetting anyone is that say you have an active member who by your definition is a single parent, they then start dating, do you then kick them out of the group? For the members of the Somerset group we want to be as inclusive as possible and not judge other people’s situations, so far we havnt had anyone who is definitely not a single parent try to join.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks for your feedback, I will look into setting a group up on here.

    im happy to include all single parents. I think what I was trying to say, is I wouldn’t want walks, events etc turning into a predominant adult event as the children would be with the other parent, childcare etc. It would be for both to enjoy

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    To put your mind at ease we have regular meets, its recognised that it may not be possible to bring the children due to them being with the other parent and in all the meets we’ve had not one has been adult only. In fact we’ve talked about having an adult only meet in the evening so we can let our hair down without worrying about little ones but it hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes people come without the kids but it’s accepted that children are always welcome, after all if people don’t want kids at a single parent meet then they are in the wrong place! I think none of us think of it as anything else but a support group for single patents, children included. Having children with us is the primary thing about being a parent. Saying that sometimes it’s just nice to be an adult.

    Here’s a link to setting up a group:

    Your main contact will be a lady called Justine, she’s lovely and will support you. Justine also moderates here on the forum.

    If I can help then please don’t hesitate to pm me.

    On a different track the group today has been discussing a weekend camping trip over the summer hols, I love the Combe Martin/Ilfracombe  area so will be looking for recommendations for a good camping site 🙂

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