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    I’m curious if anyone else is in my situation? I parted with my children’s father 13 years ago. A year later an order for child maintenance was put in place by the csa as I was claiming benefits at the time. They decided that he should pay £5 a week for 4 kids! Crazy I know! So move on 12 years and he’s never paid a penny! I get yearly letters from Csa telling me how much he owes to date. I have contacted them and questioned the amount to be told he was on benefits the last time they assessed him ( he’s been in full time work for the last 20 years ) and I have also asked why no one is chasing this up and just allowing the arrears to increase year on year. 3 out of 4 of my children are now adults and they have never needed his money but I’m at the point where I think if I don’t try and do something to get him to pay up the measly £5 a week he owes then he will get lost in the change over from Csa to Cms. So basically I’m asking what I can do about it. I’ve contacted Csa many times over the years giving them different details and information about him and his situations but they don’t do anything about it and nothing changes. Appreciate any advice people can give to get things moving

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