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    I’m not sure whether anyone can offer any advice however I’ve recently reported my ex partner of 3 years to the police under harassment as with no prior warning, he has contacted a company I previously worked for alleging I have stolen from them, attaching photos from march 2017 when he lived at our home. I didn’t actually work for the company until Feb 2018. The company are not taking any action as they know, and I have proof that his allegations are completely unfounded and they were aware of our difficult separation and his previous tracking of me through GPS. However, I am a professional and work registered to a governing body. This kind of allegation is very damaging to my professional registration, I suspect this could be his motivation. Despite the evidence (email from ex to the company), the police have chosen not to take any action, not even to contact him with a warning. It seems to me a completely unreasonable response. I am awaiting a call back from the police to justify their actions, or lack of. The sergeant responsible is back in on Sunday apparently. They did however, suggest I hire a solicitor to apply for a non molestation order at my cost. This follows on from Christmas when I allowed him to collect the children from my home during school holidays and he ran a key the length of my car as he came down the drive. Needless to say, I haven’t permitted him to return to the house since. The police again took no action on this either as there was no cctv. I feel so let down by their lack of response. Surely by 3 yrs, he should be moving on mentally though he seems to be getting worse rather than better. Both incidents have been without warning or provocation. I’m just trying to avoid hefty solicitors bills as the previous occupation order and civil injunction (now ended) cost thousands.

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    Hi Greenfingers

    I’m sorry you are going through this.  It sounds like you need some professional advice to help guide you through.  I think this falls under the criteria for the National Stalking helpline.  Hopefully they will be able to support you further.  Here are their details:

    <!  National stalking helpline – 0808 802 0300

    I will be sending you a personal message with some further signposting.

    Take care, Justine

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    Liane 245

    I looked into this once via a family law solicitor.

    They may charge a consultation fee but then you’d be able to issue the order and have back up through the police.

    Gratefully I didn’t need one in the end. My kids dad saw i was serious and backed off.

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    Thanks Liane,

    i had a meeting with my solicitor last Friday, it’s been a consistent solicitor throughout my entire separation process (prohibited steps order/child arrangement/occupation order/previous civil injunction). Unfortunately my ex won’t back off, he’s obsessed, we’ve been separated 3 yrs next month and he still insists of interfering with my life even from a distance. I’ve tried my best to keep everything private, I don’t do social media, I have limited friends, I got rid of any potential mutual friends. Even my children (15,12,7)  don’t know the name of the place I work, they know that I can be obtained on mobile if they need me. The kids live with me and the youngest 2 see dad alternate weekends. I’ve been back in contact with the police and it’s now been referred to the stalking unit. I’m due another visit from them this Friday with the hope of progression. My experience of the police has been less than ‘pro-active’. I believed safeguarding was about intervening at the earliest opportunity especially with evidence supporting the case. Clearly that’s not the case. If Friday yields no action then I’ll progress back through solicitor as you suggest , thanks

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