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    I’m single father of 2 and my ex has put a non molestation order against me recently because I reported her to police for harassment. She has made all lies up which I can prove. Only reason she doing this to get one back on me. This is effecting me and the kids . And I don’t want that order against me as I don’t wana go near her and she also lives 100 miles away. Court is next month and don’t want this order in place as she can easily make lies up and get me arrested.


    what’s best thing to do

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    do kids live with you? you should have chance to contest the non-mol at next hearing. if a judge see’s that its nonsense, they may dismiss it.

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    Unless you done something wrong and there is evidence its unlikely you will end up with a non – molestation order.

    I would think twice before contacting police or getting involved in any conflict with ex and see if you can still see your children on a regular basis.

    Any communication now with ex should be about contact with children only assuming you havent  been told u cant contact ex about child care arrangements. If she does harrass you dont respond or retaliate and keep it as evidence if u need to attend court at later date












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    Yeh I have evidence of harassment and yes kids live with me

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