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    Hi i became a single mom 4 years ago, my ex partner left when my youngest was 2 months old…prior to him leaving we moved out of town so i dont have any family or friends near by. My ex partner moved 100 miles away but had his children once every 2 weeks …since his met someone else he hasnt bothered and now never sees them.

    I was just wondering how those of you have no support cope?

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    I am in exactly the same situation as you in sense of no respite and I am struggling too! I feel I go to work then have the kids and nothing in between. All money goes on bills and little left over to enjoy. I love the kids but feel suffocated and can’t breath! No family or friends to have the kids for me.

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    Hi Clair,

    I had that.  Every day literally childminder, work, childminder, home, cook, tidy up, sleep. The isolation was horrible.

    When son was small, I started with the local paper, There are free events, check the local library, even the parish mag, especially if you are rural. Weekends, I’d pack a sandwich & take son to Spring fayres, local arts groups, street theatre, raft race on the local canal, early evening pub quiz. Even a ploughing match once 😀. It’s a bit random sometimes but generally good fun.

    I didn’t date until son was a couple of years older. I paired up with another single mum from the school and we babysat for each other.

    I jogged in the Park at lunchtime for a bit of exercise. That helped a lot with staying cheerful.

    I’ve only had one real emergency, when son was 8 I got flu so badly I couldn’t stand and school is 3 miles away. My son went to the neighbours to tell them I was ill, (very proud of him) and they were brilliant, found another parent who was doing the school run, who took him in all that week, while they brought me milk and paracetamol.

    Things are easier for me now. Doing one new thing a weekend no matter what, discovering that my lovely neighbours will help in a crisis and accepting the “shape” of my social life had changed. Now son is older I do park run most weeks where I’ve made some friends.

    It will get better, honestly.

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