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    ive done the online search for Kent group meet ups and it came up with nothing within 50 miles of where I live, which is ramsgate, is there no single mums or dads in the Kent, south east area I’m only looking for friendship maybe another dad struggling to cope like I am, recently split up, ex has my 2 boys, already got a new man who’s met my kids and now sees them more then I do, just 5 weeks in, I’m living in shared accommodation with no friends or family down here I struggle so much daily while her life seems perfect and my kids are forgetting me 🙁

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    Hi there

    Anonymous, you mentioned that you feel part of the issue regarding groups is ‘poor promotion’.  It would be helpful to hear your views regarding this so please private message me about any concerns you have.  As well as moderating on our forum, I am the person who coordinates all of the Gingerbread groups across England and Wales so would be the best person for you to raise any concerns with.

    Lonely dad, all of our groups are run by our dedicated volunteer coordinators.  I’m sorry if there is not a group that is run locally to you.  If there is nothing close, why not consider setting up your own?  I am happy to discuss this with you, so please contact me at

    Many thanks, Justine

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    Hi there, im in same boat. In ramsgate. No friends trying to raise my kids alone. Cant seem to find any single parents in the area.

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    Hello everyone! I searched for groups in Kent and found nothing too!
    Well I’m a single mum of 5 children in Canterbury. My children are 15, 13, 5, 4 and almost 1.
    Would be nice to find people in same area who are in a similar situation.

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    Have you tried the frolo app. It’s for single parents and you can look for local people in your area who are in a similar situation, they also have a dad’s group.

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    Hi everyone,I’m a single dad from Kent,near dartford,lonelydad ive been there mate,trust me it will take time but things will get better,when me and my wife separated she was straight on the dating apps and meeting up with guys,all while we were still living under the same roof with our 3 young children,my biggest fear was another guy taking my place as a father to my kids,I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and said I won’t let that happen,so ive become a better dad even though I was good to start with,I put my focus in to my kids and made sure they know who there dad is and I stopped worrying about wat my ex was up to and focused on my self,I set myself goals for the future,I look at that piece of paper every day,it’s a step by step process and will take time I woke up one day and felt great

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    If you can not find a group to go to in your or near your town ,,, Think about starting one up yourself …

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    Matt W

    Hi LonelyDad  I’m not Kent but close enough in Essex, sounds like you having a rough time, my wife’s also left but I’m now at home with the kids.

    Its unpleasant to watch someone just go on with their life if your having trouble restarting yours. How long has it been ? You’ve got  the opportunity to do something positive now ..    make a fresh start!   If you fancy a chat PM me !

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    Hi all, I’m in Kent. Sorry to hear all that is going on. In a way we’re not alone. My wife has left me with our four little ones!! And yep, she is just living it up…..feel free to chat. Lee

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    Evening yall

    Looking to plan meeting other folks in town and let the kids mingle…I have a 6 year old boy who’s looking for mates outside of school so if anyone like to meet up as I said let me know. You guys seem like a lovely bunch and I’m sure we are all in a same situation and need to a bit of variety in our lives. And as summer holidays are coming it could be good to do something. Are you all up for it? 🙂

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    Yes let’s meet I’m in Maidstone but not from here no friends no family just me and my 2 boys  we need friends

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