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    Hello everyone,

    I am an Asian single mother with a 3 years old child. Moved to UK around 3 years when the child was born. Try to leave the partner as he beat me. No family and friends around and didn’t tell anyone in my country yet. He didn’t allow me to work since I moved here.

    I am a medical profession, just got an offer to work in hospital. But not sure can I handle the childcare together with new job start. Now, try to look for place to move and not sure where to begin with, find the lawyer for the divorce? Also, Mainly is the childcare. My child is enrolled in nursery that is the only option I can think of if I need to work. Thank for some advices.


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    Very sorry to hear about your situation. If your partner is being abusive you need to report this, here are a few confidential lines you can speak to, they can offer you help

    Karma nirvana – 01332 299 166

    Womens Aid – 080820000247

    Regarding your child, if they are 3 they should be entitled to 15-30free hours a week at nursery, here is the link for you to apply

    You have several options, you arent alone. Hang in there and stay strong 💪🙏

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    You got this mama,

    As I mentioned in a separate post, I am the single mother of a 2.5 years old. My son’s father is in South Africa and my family is in France. I have a few friends here but a lot of them moved countries with Brexit or relocated during Covid to greener pastures.
    I work in the NHS, full time and do 100% of the looking after my son. I use the NHS nursery as it is discounted for their staff. I also am on Universal Credit to help me pay for my flat/childcare.

    It is hard… but so rewarding and so feasible. My best tip is: always stay on top of everything – finance, universal credit (they make a mistake every other month in my case), laundry etc. But my son is so beautiful and happy it makes me think it actually work 🙂

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    As Eb72 said – definately apply for the free 15 to 30 hours per week free childcare.  Find out if the hospital can give you the option of part time work too.  Women’s Aid are a very good resource, they will be able to point you in the right directions when it comes to domestic abuse.  Sorry to hear you have gone through all this.  I am asian and was born in the UK and to be honest the support provided here by the government and charities is very good.  What area did you move to by the way in UK? And are you staying in a safe place at the moment? Wish you well x

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