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    Myself and my ex husband split 3 years ago. It was my decision as we were living like friends and  hardly spent any time together. For this my ex said he would always hate me and never forgive me. Five months after we split he met someone else and they moved in together a year later. We have 50/50 (although it isn’t 50/50 but my ex insists it is) shared care of the children. He however does not pay anything towards the children’s uniforms, afterschool clubs, other out of school activities, school trips, lunch money, music fees etc.  I am the one who is paying for all this. Am I wrong in thinking that he should help with these things?


    Thank you

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    When you say it isn’t 50-50 what do you mean?

    maintenance would be paid by him if he has them less than 50%?

    however other than this he’s not obligated to contribute towards other costs unless accrued on his contact. So if he needs childcare on his contact day that’s his cost.

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    Over a two week period they sleep at his house. He however drops them to me on a Monday morning to sort and get to school when it been his weekend. They are dropped off to me each Thursday morning and I take them to school and on his weekends I collect them from school and he picks them up from me when he finishes work. This is also the same during the school holidays in that on his days they collected at the end of the day after he finishes work and dropped first thing.

    The children use the uniform I buy during his days and attend clubs that fall on his days, which I again pay for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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