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    Some of you may have read my previous message about my 4 year old not wanting to come home from his dad’s.

    Quick recap – I left Nov 13th due to breakdown of relationship. Took kids to live at my parents because ex completely refused to move out and it was a bad atmosphere for kids. The arrangements about the kids seeing us both have been a mess…. It’s sort of been worked around my work (he finishes early on the days I work so he can do school run) but nothing action agreed which resulted in my 4 year old not coming home till Sunday because ‘he didn’t want to’


    Since Saturday, I am now pushing for a more structured plan in place so we know what days we each have so we can plan things. (I’d planned to take kids somewhere Saturday evening but that didn’t happen cz he didn’t being my boy home).

    I realise this sounds like I am stropping because my kids didn’t wanna come back to me, but I assure you I have the kids best interest in mind. They both need to spend some time with each parent that’s not just time after school. I was going to propose he has the full weekend (friday-sunday) one weekend then the following weekend he has friday-saturday afternoon. He also sees the kids until 7 pm on Wednesday. But he won’t engage in conversation with me AT ALL about child arrangements. Just tells me to f””” off or starts ranting at me (all over text). He just came to drop off 6 year olds school books and I started to talk and he literally wound the window up and drove off. Not a word.

    What’s my next step?? I really didn’t wanna get legal advice and have to have things set in stone but I think it’s going to have to be that way.


    Thanks for reading if you got this far x

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    I had a simular problem.

    Mediation is the next step and you can put your proposal forward this way and he can put his forward, in the hope you can then agree on something.

    You have try this before you can apply to the court.


    Could you not ask what he proposes? This is what I did and then later on I got my solicitor to right a proposal or a means of an agreement of which we could follow to enable my son to have stability. However he did nt agree but has conducted a few things of it unofficially and he’s wond his neck in, as the emotional abuse I was getting was really grinding me down and has backed off.

    You are right the children need routine, be glad they are enjoying there time there tho as you would nt want them having a miserable time there would you.

    I know exactly where you are coming from and it starts to consume you, try take a step back look at the wide picture and focus what you are doing and what you do with your time with the kids.

    Hope this helps.

    Wish you all the best x



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