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    I’m going to keep this as short as possible and would like honest and accurate advice.

    I was in a 10 year relationship with someone who got sent to prison to serve 5+ years… prior to this he broke my jaw, had my hair shaved off, had me jumped by a gang of men all in attempts to end the relationship (my son was witness to a lot of this) however I never contacted the police and gave evidence against him.

    after he was released from prison I found out he cheated and ended the relationship. Since then he’s had me threatened, had 2 of my cars written off, he didn’t bother with my son after being out of prison for 9 months then met another girl.

    a year and a half later he is taking me to court for access, my son doesn’t want to see him as he’s witnessed a lot and his friends directly threatening me infront of my son.

    he lives an active criminal life and has breached his license conditions on numerous occasions however again this comes down to evidence.

    social services have done a section 7 based on what they can see and what Probation have said even after them knowing what he done to me infront of my son and to my cars. Social have recommended indirect contact which my son who is 8 doesn’t want.

    my ex contested the non molestation order and the courts have joined the contested hearing and child access hearing (awaiting a date).

    if my son doesn’t want to see him or read letters or have any phone conversations does he have too? This is deeply upsetting for my son who I tried to sway his decision at Christmas however since then received numerous threats and abuse which I lack in evidence.

    my ex poses a risk to me and my son his lifestyle and criminal activity not to mention the past domestic violence his drug abuse (which can’t be tested because of Covid) I feel like I’m helpless I’m literally on the verge of moving to another country to escape him and to stop him from having contact with my son.

    Please help!

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    how old is your son now? I think as socials recommended indirect contact, then its highly likely this is what court will go with, as your ex is high risk. Maybe court would like you to encourage the indirect contact, but I don’t think your child can be forced if he does not want to.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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