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    I’m feeling trapped.

    Love my kids, so so much and they’re happy children but I just need a break. My youngest, is killing me. Keep asking the dad to help and have her (we are no longer together)

    But he only wants to see her, if he can come to my house. So I’m not getting 5 mins away and to myself. I’m seriously thinking of asking social workers to take her into foster care for some time. I need a break before my head bursts or I end up doing something stupid and leaving 3 kids without a mum

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    Hey, as a single mum 100% of the time i understand that as much as you love your kids, you (all) need some time out from eachother.   Can you suggest to their father that you all meet at the park or somewhere away from the house. You can then leave them to play/do activities and you  have an hour or few to yourself?

    Also, depending on the age of your children, can they be enrolled into classes or sports activities if their choice?  And then you can ask their father to help with the dropping and picking up?


    Just suggestions… stay strong. X

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    Hi I am alone with 3 boys my youngest is 16 months his dad is in America divorcing me I am having a hard time. If you would like someone to chat to I am here. I am Louise 40 years old

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    Family Time

    Hello , we can all understand how your feeling try and settle the children down early with a film and take time to get your head together it’s hard with children for us all . My husband is playing happy families with another women and her daughters while having nothing to do with our two but we have to remain strong for our children they need us as much as we need time out , always here to talk too x

    Karen .

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    Hi Lonemumof3

    I am one of the moderators here at Gingerbread and I have sent you through a private message.

    Kind regards, Justine

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