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    Hi Folks

    Well we’ve all been through a pretty rubbish time haven’t we.

    I’m coming out the other side. Life is calming down however I still can’t cope with night times. It’s so bloody lonely and quiet and I really don’t like it. Anyone else feel this way?

    Infact sometimes it can be so bad I get panic attacks. Now I’m not a scardicat. I have my head screwed on. I’m not afraid of the dark. It’s not like I’m worried someone’s going to break in. I just get panicky. Can’t breath, feel chest pain. It wakes me up then I can’t sleep.

    I’m not lonely except at night I guess, I don’t have stress and have lots of friends, but these bloomin feelings just won’t go away. It’s not fair. So here I am. Stuck. So anyone else get these, and have any tips or advice on how to recover.

    Will they just go away? I blooming well hope so. It’s pretty horrid. Is it just loneliness or grief?

    Anyhow any top tips would be greatly appreciated please. As it’d be nice to get some proper sleep.

    Hugs folks x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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