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    I left my husband in September last year due to many years of domestic abuse. We remained living together from October until 2 weeks ago, though separated. The situation escalated and the police and social services got involved 2 weeks ago so my ex was not allowed to see the kids for a week. I have been staying at a friends for the past two weeks as firstly, the children were not allowed to be with him (social services orders) and I do not feel safe there. Now, the children are allowed to see him so we are doing 50:50 with the children. I have been suspended from work for the next 2 weeks because my manager feels there is too much going on. However, I need to work my clinical hours because I qualify as a midwife in 2 weeks and need to complete my work hours so that I can begin employment 4th March and be independent.

    We own our house jointly, which I will buy him out hopefully and manage the mortgage when I’m working. (though the want to see 6 months of employment which I do not have because I have technically been a student). But, at the moment, he can cut me off financially and has been very difficult to even talk to about everything.


    Few points:

    *Can I somehow get financial support for the next month until I start working?

    *I am having an affair (I just checked the legal terms although we’re separated)

    *Because I don’t have 6 months of salary to prove, can I use a mortgage guarantor? Any advice on this?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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