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    Hi everybody,

    Just looking for some coping mechanisms.

    I split from my daughters dad last February he moved out and we continued to try work things out until September last year when we decided it wasn’t going to work. Our little girl is 3, I’ve been a stay at home mum with her so spent every minute with her, prob spent 3 nights away from her no longer in 3 years whilst he still has led a very normal life (nights away with friends etc) towards the end of our relationship I suspected something going on with a girl from his work who he sworn on our daughters life nothing was going on or ever would be… now they are madly in love and living together after 3 months. Our daughter is very sensitive and struggling to get settled in nursery before this and is currently going through an assessment for mild autism.

    Tomorrow is my daughters first night to stay overnight with her dad at his new house, she loves her dad and I want her to enjoy the time she spends with him. I’m fine with her staying overnight as I know she will be safe and looked after, but she sleeps with me every night in my bed and I still can’t get over the emptiness I know I will feel. I have a very pushy mother in law and she’s already booking holidays for the summer and for December for my ex with his new partner to take my little girl away (even talking about abroad for December) I think this is too soon as we’ve never even taken her abroad before and Yes sounds selfish I don’t think I could cope for a week, I’ve been a 24/7 365 days mum and i don’t know how to deal with this situation. My little girl is my absolute world and I dedicate absolutely everything to her and now some other woman who is yet to meet my child already seems to be quite forward, she brought scooters and all sorts for Xmas and so did her parents (my child has never met any of these people) fair enough buying something small but it was two giant bags full! I want her to have a good relationship with my ex’s new partner but I don’t want her to take over my mummy roles! Has anyone else been in a similar situation that can help advise things that make it easier?


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