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    I am writing for some help. I’m stuck in a bit of a (what feels like) a tricky situation and I don’t know how to make my next move or what to do next.

    I’ve recently split from my husband – we had been together 16 years. There have been some issues over the last 18 months that we tried to work through but called it a day for good at the beginning of the year. In January he moved out to live with a friend and I started my application for Universal Credit. We have two children, both with disabilities so I am the main carer and do not work. We are also in private rented accommodation which is quite expensive. When I went to the job centre for the initial interview it was awful, the staff member was really nasty to me and I ended up in tears whilst she gleefully told me I would not be able to continue to afford to live where I have been for the last 4 years.

    Anyway, I carried on with the application and got the evidence she said I needed. Our tenancy agreement had both our names on it so I emailed the letting agent asking for it to have my name on because of the situation and needing it for the benefits agency. They rang me and told me that they had spoken to my landlord and he had told them that should I go on benefits he wouldn’t be able to have me still living in the house because of being a claimant.

    At the time it was all too raw and I was a bit of a mess and after speaking to my husband we decided to try and live together but separated so we wouldn’t have to uproot the boys. Our eldest also has some mental health issues and had a breakdown a couple of years ago so didn’t want to do anything to disrupt him. So my husband moved back and I cancelled my claim and we have been living together as normal since then.

    However, the last few weeks things have come to a head and we cannot live together any longer and he moved out again (he has some issues with money and substances and I just think its unsustainable now). I am worried about what to do next. The situation is exactly the same and I imagine my landlord will just evict me if I reapply for universal credit. But I need to get this sorted. I don’t trust him financially and he doesn’t seem to be thinking about the children much in any of his decision making so I need to go it alone and get some stability in place. I feel trapped being reliant on his income and it worries me given how frivolous he can be with money.

    Does anybody have any advice about what I could do next? Do I just reapply for universal credit and wait for my landlord to evict me? I am on the housing list and have been for about a year now but I am in Band 3 so god knows how long it would take me to get rehoused. I feel trapped and I cant see a way out of this mess.

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    I just want to point out also that when I say the rent is expensive I mean generally. In the are we live its pretty standard (didnt know how to edit my post)

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    Hi. Sorry to hear about your situation. I can’t really give you any legal advice but I’m pretty sure a landlord can’t evict you because you’re claiming benefits? The rent would be covered by universal credit anyway. If you’re on a waiting list for housing if you were to be evicted then surely that would put you at the top of the list? It’s going to be tough but once you get all of the finances sorted out it will be easier to move forward. Good luck.

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    Gingerbread Alex

    Hi Tinkerbella,

    You may wish to contact Shelter for advice on your housing situation. They have information on housing issues on their website and give information and advice on their helpline and via webchat. You can also search for local housing advice services:

    Best wishes,


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