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    Hey guys,

    just wanted some advice really..

    I’ve had an awful lot happen in the last 9 months. I was married to my partner of twelve years, we have a 4 four old with learning needs, who has minimal speech and Ive had a second child august 2019 he’s now just turning 9 months this month.

    within the 9 months since I’ve given birth, ive found out weeks later that my husband was pursuing some sort of relationship with another girl. At this point he denied everything and made me feel like I was silly to think it was true. So tried to move on even with these doubts I felt very vulnerable after just having a baby. Weeks past again and there was more and more rumours of further meet ups with them. Untili eventually found them in a hotel together. He left me and my two children on Christmas Day.

    all this was a shock but he further insisted that we were to sell the house that we lived in which we have done, only to find out he is living with the girl practically since he left and there expecting a child which would have been conceived before Christmas.

    I am expected to act like a robot and not express my hurt or feelings towards this. I feel like I’ve tried to keep as calm as I can and keep my own dignity for my two children but it kills me to send my children with him when he hasn’t even respected my views about this girl being around our children he has quite literally forced her upon them ever since he left which I think is ridiculously too soon for everyone. They turn up at my home together to pick my children up. I don’t even feel like I’ve had time to heal from the fact I’ve just given birth and I’ve lost my family unit and home.

    Any advice appreciated.
    thank you x

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    He’s been insanely disrespectful to you to do all of that and THEN expect you and your children to treat the mistress like a member of the family.

    I think keeping cool around the kids is wise. But the way he’s acting is beyond  disrespectful. Genuinely shocking.

    So sorry you’ve had to put up with all of that x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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