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    My partner of 8 and a half years decided about a month ago now that he no longer wanted to try and work on our relationship.  I still love him but he’s hurt me immeasurably over the past 18 months and the trust in the relationship is broken. He is leaving the family home in two weeks.

    We have a three year old daughter who is my life.

    After a few days of feeling a bit better I’ve now hit a very low patch. My future looks bleak, I’ve lost the family unit I longed for and it’s been replaced by, what I see as, a hopeless situation.

    I worry about how I’ll cope on the weekends my ex-partner will have my daughter, I’m in a very different financial situation that I couldn’t prepare for and I have no idea how I will cope with just my wage and maintenance. My family do not live locally and although I have friends most of them have moved away recently.

    Im mourning the loss of my family unit and any future children (we had 4 ivf attempts to have my beautiful daughter) whilst worrying about how I’ll cope mentally, emotionally and financially. I’ve never felt so desperately sad and alone.

    How have other people coped with similar situations? I just want to fast forward five years.



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    Hello tingno1,

    My name is Sandra, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I’d like to acknowledge ALL the emotions your experiencing all absolutely expected, 8 and a half years is a long time and you have invested time love and effort.

    Everything is still so raw right now so there waves of emotions of every kind. I can empathise with what you described because they are feelings and emotions I felt when my 6 year marriage ended. Please remember what an amazing mummy you are.

    I remember at a separated parents workshop, the trainer actually described the breakdown of relationship, being related to the emotion of grief. So please understand your emotions and what you’re going through are a natural response and that you can only take one day at a time.

    These dark days will pass and I know that sounds like a million moons time but I assure you  they will.

    Thank you for sharing your story , I am here if you need to talk.


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    i too can relate. Never experienced a pain like it. The loneliness is a new level. I am also here for a chat if it will help. x

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