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    I am very recently single due to my partner of 15  years being an alcoholic. It has been a long time coming and is a bit of a relief now that it’s over. Myself and my two kids are still upset because it is so recent but we are much calmer without him here. He hasn’t been around much lately anyway due to him just wanting to stay out drinking constantly.

    My problem now is that I received child tax credits and that when I called to claim as a single person the claim was cancelled and I’ve been told to apply for universal credit. If I can’t send my younger child to nursery then I can’t work and even though I’m off sick with stress at the moment I will need to return at some point.

    I am really panicking about this now and was wondering if anyone else has been through similar? How long does the universal credit process take?

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    You need to apply today online for universal credit.

    you will then need an appointment to attend the job centre. Probably next week. You’ll need to take identification documents.

    you can then get an advance on your payment that you’ll pay back over the next year. You won’t receive the official payment for five weeks. You’ll be eligible for food bank vouchers if needed.

    if you’re employed, and meeting the minimum income or hours threshold for your circumstances but signed off work they really won’t bother with you that much.

    Depending how long you have suffered with mh issues you maybe able to claim personal independence payment too.

    if you’re no longer working because of your health, you may be able to claim esa as well.

    If not working and claiming uc and have sick note then you just need to submit these as you won’t be expected to meet job requirement commitments  like applying etc until fit for work.

    Uc will pay 85% of nursery charges but not upfront.

    But your claim won’t get backdated. So if tax credits have no ceased you need to apply ASAP.

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    Thanks I have applied online and have an appointment but it all seems so confusing. I’m lucky I have family to help me and my parents have offered for me to come home which I’m seriously considering but they live far away and it would mean quitting my job and kids changing school/nursery. It’s just all so daunting.

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    Hi hope you and your children are ok xx I have recently gone through the exact same thing as yourself. I also was on child tax credits but when I had to move out of the family home I phoned to let them know. They cancelled my claim the same day. It was horrendous as I had just moved into a property with my children and my husband wasn’t supporting us financially. I waited over 6 weeks till they sorted my claim out and it wasn’t backdated 😔 I had to borrow money off family and friends, which I’m still paying off. The system is so wrong because I like yourself, have been put in a horrible situation through no fault of my own. When I finally got an appointment with UC they gave me an advanced payment so I could pay my rent, which you pay off throughout the year.

    I really do feel for you as I’ve been there and  it’s a horrible situation to be in 😔 it’s bad enough going through this with your children, so the last thing you need to worry about is finances. Good luck and I hope you get sorted soon 🙏 xxx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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