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    Hello –

    at the start of 2020 my wife said she felt we had become more friends than anything else and that the spark was gone. We both agreed this was since the birth of our daughter. I did all I could going forward to change things – date days and just us time etc – but she brought it up a few more times before niggles started and I left the house in September last year. We were both fine with that.

    I offered to let her stay in the house with our daughter and I would find somewhere else. I’ve now just came away for work for a few months – travelling back to see our daughter – and she has said she is thinking of selling me moving back north (120miles or so) as she is no family down here. I understand that but I am now torn between uprooting myself to be closer to my daughter or running the risk of hardly seeing her. I feel sick to the stomach.

    How do you cope with being so fat from your own child that you potentially only see then every other month and they can’t see her grandparents etc

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    I was sorry to read of your unhappy circumstances.

    If I understand correctly from what you have written,you have been away for a few months for work.If that is the case why would seeing your daughter every month or so be a negative thing,as it would be no worse than what you have been doing,surely? Also,your daughter being 120 miles away is no deal breaker- if u have a car or train access.It would certainly mean you don’t see her daily but it could be a weekly day trip if you wanted to see her.I’m saying this from experience as my kids at various points were seeing their dad weekly-and he lived nearly double as far as you say you will be from your child.Also im wondering why you say it means she won’t see her grandparents? If there’s a will…..there’s a relative.I hope this goes better than you currently think it will.

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