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    Hi everyone,

    I don’t usually turn to these sort of forums but have been pointed this way for some support.

    I am currently 35weeks pregnant with mine and my (ex) partners second child. Our relationship had its ups and downs and he was a big drinker however had settled down the past year and we decided to try for another baby. Our current daughter is 3 years old and an absolute dream! She really is my whole life – and I thought his too!

    The past year, especially since being pregnant, I’ve realised he isn’t the hands on dad I thought he was. Recently, he came home one night and decided “enough was enough” and ended it with me. Shockingly, I discovered he had been cheating on me and doing the unspeakable in our family home whilst I was blissfully unaware!

    He has shown no remorse or concern towards me or his child (and future child) over what he has done and the pressure he has put us under! I was the one who decided to move out as the mortgage was solely in his name (due to me studying) and I couldn’t bare being in the “family home” after everything that had went on.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? I am really concerned for both my daughters welfare, especially when the second one arrives, and also my own! I’ve had a lot of pressure put on me recently and I feel as though all the people who were helping originally are starting to think I’m ok now that I’m not crying every day.



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    Hi Samantha, welcome to the forum.

    I just don’t people sometimes, I don’t get how ignorant of the pain and sense of loss they cause.

    As you’ve already posted on a similar thread you know you’re not alone and sadly it’s a story that is often repeated here. You’ll find a lot of support here but sometimes the response can be a little slow but don’t worry, it’s nothing personal.


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    The forum seems to be so refreshing! It feels like such a lonely time and that I am the only person in the world going through something like this – it’s reassuring to think I’m not alone!


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    Your welcome.

    Because of the nature of the forum people tend to use it in times of crises so it’s almost sure that you will chat with someone who is going through the same kind of hell.

    I’ve used this site on and off for a long time and I have chatted with some really good people who have become friends albeit in a cyber kind of way although I have met up with  a couple in real life. It’s a great place for support or even just to vent. One thing for sure is that the more you post the more you’ll get out of it.


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    Hi Sam.

    i also found that my ex was not the man I thought, while I was expecting our son. I left too.

    People are lovely but sometimes they aren’t sure how much to help and when to give you some privacy. They probably think you need a bit of space to get yourself sorted or are trying to be tactful.

    it’s good to be independent but Don’t be afraid to ask people if you really really need help. I’ve coped fine on my own for 7 years and then got such bad flu I couldn’t stand, much less drive my son to school. Another mum and one of the neighbours stepped in without me asking.

    so you definitely aren’t alone. It just feels like it sometimes.

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    Hi there

    Samantha, I’m glad to see you chatting with other members on the forum.  I have changed your profile setting as you were using your email address as a user name.  As this is a public view site, this means your post is available to be be viewed by anyone.  I have sent you an email about howto change the profile to one that is unidentifiable.

    Any problem, give me a shout, Justine

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