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    Really looking for some advice and where to start regarding what benefits I’m entitled to and how to claim. Separated over the weekend and feeling very overwhelmed considering I am now a single mum with a one year old And 4 months pregnant with my second baby.

    I’ve had to travel 200 miles to get away from my ex and move back in with my Mam and quit my part time job…

    Wanting to know if I would be eligible for housing benefit if I find a place as I can’t stay with my Mam forever…And what route will get me more benefits- if I work 15 hours a week or nothing at all….worried no one will hire me knowing I’m pregnant…

    Please help!


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    1. it’s dependent on your age,  number of dependents, circumstances and if you are eligible which route you apply for, for example if It’s universal credit or not. Is it live in your area? If not then you would need to find out if  housing benefit is your option but make sure you find out your entitlement from the calculator online. It is not always an accurate amount until submission of your details they require at that point they will give you true amount.

    I did ring gingerbread and i asked some queries on a matter and they gave me advice. Maybe ask them for advice or if they can direct you with who to query this with.

    I’m not sure about what would be best route for you. Try your local CAB as well as online sources from


    Hope this can help in some way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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