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    I’ve recently separated from my partner who I have a two year old child with. We are still living together as neither of us can afford to move out at the moment. I work part time and have spoken to Citizens Advice who say I’d be entitled to benefits but that it’s difficult to get benefits as a single working parent while still living with your ex. Without extra income though I have no hope of saving enough to pay a deposit on a new place. I also spoke to an estate agent and they said their financial checks would require bank statements or a government letter proving I get universal credit to top up my income and pass the affordability assessment. This seems like a Catch 22 – not enough money to move out but can’t get more money until I move out. I’m very confused. How does anyone ever manage to move out from their ex in this situation? Any advice would be really welcome.

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    Hello, have you tried going on council register for housing? If you live with your ex you wont get much if any help as you are classed as living with him still. UC is an arse and takes all income into consideration.

    I was thrown out by my ex with our daughter i went to my mums then my friend rented to me but i was lucky, do you have any parents you can turn to or friends as if you take the kids then the council have to house you.

    If you go on UC you will get 85 percent of your child care back so can then up your hours to save for some where better later down the road?xx


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    Thank you. I hadn’t thought about Council Housing. I’ll look in to that. I’ve read that you can claim when you are still living together as long as you meet certain criteria like being financially independent of one another which we now are but I can’t manage on just my earnings. I don’t think there’s much social housing where I live in and don’t want to be moved away from where I live. It’s a big county and where I am now is the only place with decent schools. There are lots of considerations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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