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    Hello, I’m totally new to all of this.

    I have recently separated from my ex. We are currently living together while divorce goes through. He earns over the threshold for child benefit and we have been paying it back in tax after I receive it.

    He said he rang them and they said in order for me to be able to keep it from now on, we would have to wait until the divorce came through.

    I’ll ring them myself but until I get time to speak to them (I work in a school and can’t use the phone in the day) I wondered if anyone else knew about this?

    with universal credit, they have said to me I qualify even though he’s currently still under this roof. It seems to me that now we are in the process of separating our finances, it doesn’t make sense I can’t keep the CB (I am on a low wage)


    any advice or knowledge gratefully received – my mediator wants me to check and I want to know if I can spend the child benefit on food or not!


    thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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