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    R Walker

    Hey, just signed up and hoping for some advice if possible.  Discovered my wife was having an affair 3 weeks ago. I found several gifts hidden which weren’t from me! I confronted her and she initially denied it, but then i said the name (which was on a receipt) i vaguely know the other chap. She then proceeded to text him to finish it, which i was present for. Then verbally abused her & me. Roll on 10 days later, id been out for a cycle and saw them leaving a property together.. Again confronted, not denied and she then left 2 weeks ago with our 2 children to stay in this property. He has rented this for her, paying everything for her.  She was working for my company and asked for her P45 which she got and now is working for his company! Obviously she is now 100% dependant on him and is not named on this property or any bills etc. I tried to talk sense into her but fallen on deaf ears! The other chap has 5 other children & quite a ‘colourful’ past which im also not happy with our children around.  Im now rattling around a half empty house at my wits end as contact is very patchy and have barely seen the children.

    Sorry for long initial post but just wanted to try to reach out for any guidance, assistant etc.

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    Just wanted to say stay strong, I wasted 18 years of my life putting sticky tape on a relationship, but you can’t make someone love you. However stopping you from seeing your children is cruel. Seek legal advice.

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    So sorry – harsh. Agree get a lawyer to understand child access approaches.

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