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    Hi, single mum to a very energetic 8 year old boy with ASD. Left my emotionally and financially abusive husband 5 1/2 years ago. Moved back to Reading where I had had friends for 15 years. 5 years ago my son was diagnosed with ASD and so called friends turned their backs on us as we were “too much to deal with”. As I suffer with depression and anxiety I find it hard to make friends, don’t really fit in with school run parents and never have the time or money to go out/join anything to meet new people. We get next to no support with the ASD except from the amazing SENCO and other teachers at school. I’m finding life very lonely, depressing and difficult as I am literally doing everything myself. I also have quite severe osteoarthritis in both ankles and am in constant pain. Despite the pain and difficulty my son and I have been touring UK zoos during school holidays for the past 3 years.

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    Hi, and welcome! In a similar boat, ASD son who’s 11. I joined up with other parents of ASD kids through clubs, and there are a large number of single parents with SEN kids. I found stuff like a Lego club run by NAS Sussex, and this was really good for meeting others.

    if nothing else, this is a great online support, and you’ll always find someone on here to talk to!

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    Neurodiversity is a point of view.  If the world was geared for ASD people, then people who weren’t would struggle.  Celebrate your child’s achievements.  They will find their niche’.


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    SoccerDad – tbh there aren’t any clubs local to us that he’d be interested in. He isn’t into Lego or Minecraft which seem to be the two main things NAS cater for. We went to one club which was designed to give parents a break, parents in one room and kids in another with supposedly trained play workers. After a couple of visits the group leader sent me a horrible e-mail saying the play workers (supposedly trained to deal with autism) couldn’t cope with my son…basically, he wanted to go in soft play but they wanted him to sit quietly doing Lego or on a tablet like all the others. As I said, he is very active and loves to be moving…more’s the pity for my poor legs!! None of the other parents talked to me either, they were very cliquey and, as usual, I wasn’t allowed to join in cos I don’t look or dress like them. We’ve both been reluctant to go to anything ever since.

    But then, apparently we have to struggle so neurotypicals don’t…can’t say I like or appreciate that point of view…personally I’d love to see how they’d cope if the boot was on the other foot and the world became more geared for autistic people. I’d settle for more accepting, cos I find the majority attitude sucks or is very patronising.

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    Hi, I’m on my own too with 10yo son. We’re just up the motorway from you. Have you been to Marwell? Or Cotswold wildlife park? Beale Park?

    On Good Friday I took son and his friend who has ASD up the local Beacon Hill with a picnic. It was glorious and they watched the kestrels & sky larks. Here’s hoping half term weather is as good.

    Don’t let people’s views stop you going out, there are loads of nice places around here. 😊

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    Kathymumofone – we go to Beale Park quiet often, although as we are 100% reliant on public transport it isn’t easy. There used to be a bus service from Reading but the man who runs the company decided to concentrate on the Goring end of the service 🙄

    We have been touring zoos for 3 years now…Jersey, Edinburgh, Dublin, Chester, Paignton, Bristol, London, Whipsnade, Isle of Wight…to name a few. We go to all of these on public transport, staying in hotels for the furthest ones obviously. It’s never easy but I’ve become something of a bargain hunter on booking . com etc. It’s just depressing having to do it all alone.

    I shall look up getting to Beacon Hill as birds are a particular favourite of my son. Have you been to Hawk Conservancy Trust? Brilliant place, though not easy to get to on public transport (hell of a walk on my arthritic legs!) but we loved it. Second favourite bird park to Haven Street on Isle of Wight.

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    Liane 245

    Hi hello….

    Im a newbie too 😁

    It sounds like your all up in Scotland. Im in Essex.

    Looking forward to getting to know people and hopefully attending meet ups.

    How do people go about adding friends up on here???

    Do you want until you venture out too groups and meet people locally or can you just add people whoose posts make you smile????

    How are you all finding it????

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