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    hello everyone I thought I would introduce myself first as I’m new here, my names jessica I’m currently living in Essex , I’m 26 years old.


    My partner who I’m on and off with for a while now hasn’t turnt up to any of my pregnancy scans (the last one being today 20 week scan) it was originally on Friday and he messaged me saying am I coming to the scan or not but I said it’s got moved to Monday (today) now with details of where it is and the tim and he said ok. Saturday he emailed saying the baby is not his and doesn’t want anything to do with me or her. I thought he would show up today but he hasn’t I’m not too sure why I’m so upset but I am. Whenever we are okay he talks about the baby and then when we are not okay he starts saying the baby isn’t his. Not sure weather I’m coming or going. So upsetting to see everyone with someone today and me being alone. Advice on what to do now? To me partners coming to scans are important so don’t really know what to do from here

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    Hi Jessica, welcome to the forum.

    The way the bloke is treating you is appalling, nobody deserves to be treated like that.

    I don’t get why any man wouldn’t want to be there at the scans, it’s such a magical thing becoming a parent.

    As you can’t rely on him do you have a friend who could go with you?


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    Hi Jessica.

    Im in south essex, Basildon.

    I’ve sent you a friend request over.

    Keep strong during your pregnancy hopefully reality will set in and he’ll sort himself out.

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    Jess hes messing you around. You don’t want this during ur pregnancy. Call it a day and if he wants to turn up then its his choice. Dont expect anything off him.


    This is coming from a father

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    Your partner’s behaviour is disgusting. Why wouldn’t he want to see his unborn child developing and doing well? Pregnancy is hard enough and no pregnant woman should be made to feel miserable. Pregnancy makes you see your partner for what they are and the way yours is acting, I’m so sorry to say he will make an awful father.

    Look after yourself first 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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