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    I am a single mum to a 13 year old boy.  We moved to Northwich in 2019 and I am looking for groups etc to join in the hope of making some new friends and finding out more about the area.

    Is there anybody localish?


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    Hi Emma,

    I am one of the moderators on this site and we do currently have a number of single parent friendship groups run by our single parent volunteer coordinators.  I have checked our group finder for you and we do have one in the Northwich area.  Please click the link below for the coordinator’s email address.

    Please do bear in mind that some groups may not be as active as they once were due to the current Covid-19 circumstances.  Some groups have been put on hold temporarily, however many others have remained active on WhatsApp, Facebook or held virtual meetups.


    Gingerbread Gee



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    Thank you.  I’ve seen that there is a group in Northwich and that Hannah is the co-ordinator?  I have sent her a message as I didn’t think it would be on currently.

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    Hello I’m new  too still don t know how to start my own convo

    can u help please xx

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    🙋Hi,I sent u a PM ,hope u rcvd.I’m also a bit new,sorry I can’t help u out with technicalities…mbe Google it? I think the rest of the world is ssleep …Good Morning😴

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    Hi there,

    I’m a newbie here who’s stumbled across this website whilst trying to find the answers to life’s problems via google haha.

    I am based in Runcorn, Cheshire. I am a father of 4, who is married and trying to pluck up the courage to separate from my wife of 14 years.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, new friends would also be a bonus x

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    Best advice would be to think twice….. many people on this forum are not in a single parent situation of their own accord, some have done so to come out of abusive relationships,  none of them will tell you how easy it is.  Most will tell you the impact it has on kids, as well as the financial and emotional turmoil it causes both partners.  The best advice to you as the focus of this site is on parenting would be to consider your kids in the first instance and ask yourself the reasons of separating.  Discuss with friends and family, and people who know you and your situation and motives for wanting to leave.  If you still think it’s the right decision for you and the benefits outweigh  the collateral and you find yourself a single parent I’m sure you will find a lot of support here…. but if you’re not yet in that situation count your blessings and ask yourself if it’s the pandemic that has brought these thoughts and feelings about, and if you hang on a few more months until your wife and you too have some kind of normality in your lives whether things will things  improve?  If there is any chance of doing so maybe it’s worth thinking about. If you’re in an abusive relationship apologies…. but if you are just finding things tough  now cause of everything  going on  ask yourself if what the kids need right now among all the other turmoil and lack of familiarity and chaos, is  having their family unit torn apaart too.  Don’t bail just cause times are tough right now…. they are tough for everyone and even tougher if you’re alone.

    I don’t know your situation, and everyone has their reasons for  wanting to seaparte, but if you’re not there yet please think things through careully.

    That’s the best advice I can give.

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    Hi Lolly

    You just started your first conversation right there.  How are you?  Hope you are coping well with this round of lockdown.


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    Hi Gummibear123.  


    I haven’t received a PM?  It wasn’t technical help I was looking for.  Just interested to know if there was anyone closer to where I live.

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    Hi, I live in Cheshire would be night to chat to others in the area x

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    I’m in Cheshire too! I’ve been separated for a year and am the sole carer for my 6 year-old as my husband had to return to his home country upon us separating.

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