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    I just thought i’d introduce myself.  I’m a single parent (have been for 4 years now) to 2 children age 5 and 9.  The last 4 years as been hell and looking back now i wonder how the hell i got to where i am now.  My soon to be ex husband decided he wanted to end our marriage whilst i was dealing with pnd with my second and living with his parents.  I never even saw it coming!!! The reason why i was living with his parents was the due to him being in the military we moved around a lot but i had to come home (Nottingham) to try and get better as i lived in the middle of nowhere and my husband was always away.  Anyway 4 years later he has started divorce proceedings as i refused to submit them as he was the one that left plus now I’m a single parent working part time so as you will all know money is tight to say the least.  I hate the fact that he submitted the divorce on the rounds of martial difficulties which i never know we had!! Now my task is to find a solicitor to help get what I’m entitled to (house, pension).  I haven’t got a clue where to start or how i go about being able to afford a solicitor!! any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Langers, I’m sorry to hear about your situation :O(


    I too was sideswiped. apparently my wife had been unhappy for 2 yrs before she started her affair, but had decided she couldn’t tell me she was unhappy as she felt she couldn’t speak to me, and in fact still isn’t unless when she wants access to our 7 yr old.

    my lot is better than yours so I count myself lucky.

    Please let me know if you ever want to chat to get this off your chest.


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    After 4 years he doesn’t need to put that as a reason you can just do it in the grounds of 2 1/2 year seperation. I put down to entitlement on his pension but not sure if it’s because I didn’t use a solicitor just did it myself that part wasn’t even acknowledged. We rented so I didn’t anything.

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    Support with any parenting problem: Family Lives 9am-9pm weekdays, 10am-3pm weekends FREE helpline 0808 800 2222

    Can you get legal aid?

    Publicly funded legal advice and/or representation:

    Advice re: arrangements for children, mediation, going to court

    Separation disputes:

    Arrangements for children:

    Going to court without a lawyer: Personal Support Unit

    Representing yourself in court:

    Publicly funded mediation:

    Some of these may help…

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