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    Hey all, I’m Sal, 43. I’ve been a single mum for 10 years now, my kids are 11, 12, and 21.. I live with the youngest two in South Wales.  We have been living here since last June and I’m looking for friends in the area to hang out with, chat, show us the sights etc. I drive

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    Hi Sal,

    After a considerable break from the forums I’m back (der obviously!).

    I was looking through the various threads and came across yours.

    This can be a funny site sometimes…you post something one day and you get loads of replies and yet another day your post gets lost in the traffic, it’s nothing personal so please don’t take it to heart or think that the forum isn’t good. I’ve used it loads in the past and it’s a great resource.

    A thing to bear in mind is that this site is primarily there for help or support, once people have moved on to better times then many stop using the site, it’s not like typical social media like fb. On the plus side your far more likely to chat with someone that’s going through the same as you.

    Keep posting and you will find other people in South Wales 🙂

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    Hi Sal, whereabouts in South Wales are you?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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