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    It’s probably too late for any replies but this is the time of day when I get really low and end up wanting to text my ex (often do).  I would really appreciate any tips as to how others avoid being the crazy bitter scorned woman!

    Briefly – My husband and I had been living apart for a couple of years (due to work) and he got increasingly worse at keeping in contact with me and our two children. His return coincided with my dad’s deterioration and then death and during this time he was incredibly unsupportive, eventually we agreed that it wasn’t working and he should move out. He said some really hurtful things around this time but equally I think me and my children had formed a really tight unit and it was hard for him to slot back in.  However, I genuinely thought it would improve our relationship and things would get better.  Seems not.  That was February. His contact has got less and less; last week while I was away I texted him every day to ask him to call – it took a week!  He is currently staying with his ex wife to help look after her children (not his) during some hospital appointments.  I am now beside myself.  I know there is more to it (I can always tell when he’s lying) and he is now lying to our children about where he is.  I am expected to cover up for him. I don’t know whether to tell the children the truth or just  keep shielding them. He’s been deceitful and secretive for such a long time. I know we shouldn’t be negative about the absent parent and that children see it as a reflection on them but I do worry that they will grow up thinking this is how to be a dad – this is how to treat your family.  I just can’t let that happen.  I am also scared that he will stop financial support and then I am stuck.  I gave up my career to move for his work and now work only part time.  A mortgage company won’t be keen on lending.

    This is a ramble I know, there’s a lot more to it really  but anyone who has any advice about generally keeping it together and getting rid of this constant anxiety and sickness I am feeling I’d be really grateful x

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