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    Hi, I’m new to this site and can’t believe I haven’t come across this site sooner.

    Ive been a single parent for 3 years now and have a son who is 4 years old.

    I’ve joined this site as I have very little friends who are in a similar position to me, don’t get me wrong they are amazing but don’t think they fully understand how it feels sometimes to be alone when parenting and not having the back up when needed.

    Im hoping to meet new people on here, share our experiences and advice on how to tackle the occasional behaviour issues.

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    Hi I am New to this site too and had no idea of it until a friend mentioned it to me.

    I am a mum to 3 and have been seperated from there dad for nearly 7 years now but had a new partner of 5 years who I split from about 4/5 months ago.

    I too am looking to meet some new single parent friends to chat to.

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    Hey Butterfly, welcome to Gingerbread – nice people pretty much all in the same boat and we all work together when the bad times hit.

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    Hi I’m new to the site too! Mother’s Day as a single parent wasn’t great! I hope you all had a good day x

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    Hi all, where are you all from?

    I would like to attend some of the organised events they do in here but don’t think there is many in my area.

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    Hi I am James from Baildon and I think there is a group in the area – I just don’t know what times there is anything on and where ! Does anybody know ?

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    Hi Butterfly

    Totally concur about the lack of single parent friends (or single friends even lol), my daughter is 6 and sees her dad one day a week at best so not a chance of a social life outside of school hours! It’s been just the 2 of us for the last 18 months and I still get that confused look from people when nights out are arranged or they want to do something on a week night as their ‘other half’ has the kids. My family are a 2 hour drive away so am definitely in this alone lol.  But for the most part I don’t dwell on it, am more the type to just get on with it as things need to be done, tho it’d be nice to have an ear to bend (methaphorically speaking over the internet ) who gets this life.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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