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    Hello everyone..

    I’m a single mum of an amazing 8 year old boy- Been back in Derby for 3 years now. Wanting to make some friends. !!

    I’ll be honest- I’m finding it really tough.. I’ve tried to reconnect with people from my childhood and get out and meet new people. But no friendships ever materialise.

    Just feel like I’ve moved around so much in my life and been away for too long – seem to have forgotten how to live in a community.

    Taken me 5 attempts over last few days to write this..

    I feel like I sound pathetic and should stop moaning and be grateful for what I have. But I am lonely and I’m becoming more aware of it.

    Starting to get me down.

    Hope to make some friends here!!


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    Healing Light

    Hiya darlin.

    I understand where your coming from. I lived away a ling time in a distant land and coming back 4 years ago i thought i had mates. I was wrong. No one i can really call a mate to spend time with and folk are cold. I miss having a social life and a good laugh.

    Welcome to gingerbread. You and your son are gorgeous.

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    Thanks for that! ..  I just try to keep busy and stay focused.  Yeah I miss that too. Someone to call at the end of the day or someone to actually message me to see how I am.

    Can’t hide from that lonely feeling.  Especially when I do actually get out to try and make friends! Im not stuck in doors all day..

    Maybe I’m trying too hard!?

    Was so easy to do when i was a kid. 🤣

    Thanks for your reply.


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    Hi there,

    Just thought I’d say hello as I’m new myself. My situations a bit different to yours but I’m feeling that same isolated feeling and it’s horrible. I can’t be of much help at all but nevertheless hi! I hope things get better for you.

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    i am also new to gingerbread, i have been a single parent for the last two and half years , i have a beautiful little girl she is 3 yrs old , i have found being a single parent a really lonely place and i also sometime feel a little bit isolated as i don’t have many friends and the friends i do  have don’t  children and are busy with their own life .


    i would like to meet people who are in the same situation and maybe meet up for a coffee or just a chat .





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    Hi guys thanks for your reply.

    Hi Steve73 😄

    Coffee and chat sounds great Leanne. We should try to plan something.


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    yeah It will be nice and maybe brig the kids along so they can play and we can have a coffe and chat .

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