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    phil spinks

    Hi, I think I’ve cone in really late….


    Im a single dad of 2 boys and I can relate to most in this forum, although I thought dads would struggle more as ladies might have more support from other female friends, but maybe I’m wrong….


    Ive been divorced a couple of months and I find it hard with loneliness and the boys do require quite a bit of my time…. Hope things have improved for everyone as I’ve cone in late, but I’m finding it hard now….

    Be good to have a chat if anyone is happy to?


    kind regards,


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    Hiya ESB,

    Dont give up. You have friends in here. You ok buddy just keep going. I swear to you people in here are so nice and supportive. They understand and are supportive. No one judges which ive found to be amazing. Take care and please,please dont let things get on top of you. We are here.

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    Hows yourself 🙂 silly question under the circumstances however hope your better since being on here, just joined myself, feels good to be able to escape & talk.

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    Anyone feeling bored and lonely and you ever want a chat.feel free to  Message me. X

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    Hi Phil Spinks, the loneliness is tough isn’t it? This miserable weather doesn’t help lift the spirits either! Just separated 3 weeks ago today, and finding it feels okay to talk about it to friends once or twice, after that it just feels like I’m going on and on, so try to pretend everything’s normal and fine, which it still definitely isn’t. Happy to chat any time.

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    Hi am new to gingerbread but totally agree with what’s being said – separated 2 years ago but ex is being difficult about the divorce.

    the loneliness is at times unbearable and I do get panicked and wonder if things are going to get better!

    It helps reading what other people are saying xx

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    phil spinks

    Karen, it’s okay to talk about it it, you need people there to get things off your chest, just talking about it helps…

    ive been separated since last February and divorced since October… I get anxious of the loneliness too.

    People who are separated especially when kids are involved, you need a good support network.

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    Thank you Phil, you are right and I will keep talking! Think people want to help but don’t know what to say sometimes.

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    phil spinks

    Just someone being there is sometimes enough….

    a hug and company are good places to start 😊

    Your doing okay, just make sure you have people you trust around you 😊 x

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    Hi, separated at the beginning of last year and going through a divorce at the moment.

    It does get lonely and sometimes you just want to talk to someone who’s been/going through the same don’t you.


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    phil spinks

    I split beginning of last year too – it was February….. Started divorce on April and was divorced by October….


    it isn’t nice at all, and there are many going through it too, your not alone even though you may not have friends going through it it to see, but you know someone, somewhere is going through something very similar!


    Its really importabt that your able to chat with someone to get it off your chest, sometimes company and a hug is enough.



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    Hi 👋 I have just joined Site hi

    ive been on my own – well never on my own lol – for 3 years now

    my kids are 11 almost 12

    and 6

    I work full time

    I hope I can meet some nice people here xx

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    phil spinks

    Hi, nice to meet you…. I thinking everyone on here is nice and friendly…. I have a 6 and 4 year old…. I also work full time as well as have shared custody.


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    Good morning everyone , nice to see activity on this post, reading everyone’s stories together with positive advice …. Shows we are going through such a tough time yet we are resilient.

    I wouldn’t have said the word “resilient even few months ago. I was in such a place of darkness but something is changing slowly, just slowly.

    I hope we can all continue to support each other & I am happy to chat



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    Thanks it’s good to hear I’m not battling this alone thank you Phil and Cindy and everyone x

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