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    Hi everyone

    I’m new here. Mum of two. I’m currently going through divorce etc. I’m so fed up of the whole situation & lonliness is suffocating me.

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    Apart from the divorce i could have wrote your post. My and my partner have just split and i have two children. No family and friends, lifes pretty hard at the moment but atleast were not the only ones in the situation

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    Snap! I have a 16 year old daughter who is doing her own thing- me and her dad have decided to separate only a couple of weeks ago, we are still living together because we need to finished renovating our house.

    Its the silence that’s killing me!

    18 years I have been with my ex- He was my best friend, who do I talk to now?

    I live away from family- I don’t want to lay too much at my friends door

    and his family don’t know!!

    where are you based?

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    Hi ladies … Thanks for responding. I’m in Bedford. I have girl 16 & boy 12


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    Hi ESB.  Welcome to Friday night. I hope you’re feeling a bit better.

    I’ve been on my own for a couple of years now. I have an 11yo son who has just headed off with his dad for a week’s holiday.

    I’m trying to decide on a steamy soak in the bath, before a glass of wine, Or wine now.  Happy Friday 🤗

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    Sounds great Kathy … I’m watching a film on Netflix, I don’t know why my genre is still romance . How contrary to my life lol



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    Hi Esb, and all of you who are going through this crap, I am in a similar situation, with two teenagers. It gets lonely. I have lots of friends and family, but that doesn’t help. No one understands as well as others going through the same. My answer is to get out there and live my life again as best I can, I hope you can all do this as well, sending hugs to you all, you are not alone and life is to short, take care,  xx

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    Hi AnnaP

    I used to think when the kids are older I’ll have them to chat with , go out etc … But these teenagers … Hmmmm nope

    I will like to get back out there, socializing but it’s knowing where to start. I guess being here is my start point

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    Liane 245


    Im miles beyond. 10 years seperated from my kids dad and dabbling toes into dating.

    Finished my 1 year on plenty of fish find last night and longing for a cuddle/back massage…..need of knuckles……👊✊🤜

    Dating is hard and stressful.

    Going to church tomorrow morning in the hope they’ll agree to becoming host venue to an essex based Gingerbread group. Definitely need a distraction….

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    Hi everyone, new today to this website and first post. In the process of divorce, second court hearing, very stressful.

    Liane, i am also in Essex, not far from chelmsford and really interested in coming along to a group. I was wondering how you got on at church?  Or if I could help in anyway? I would really like to meet other parents in the same situation to chat and help each other

    Any advice would be great..

    and once again hello everyone. And thank you for reading my first post.

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    Liane 245

    Karah, hi.

    Im in Basildon. Before the school holidays the idea of setting up Basildon SPG was discussed briefly at the Wednesday afternoon CAMEO and in the AGM.

    Ive done some of the training and have just come away from the Catholic church in preparation to approach the board of trustees over the next few weeks.

    Theres other venues but I was hoping to keep costs low and be able to use any money we make to hire coaches or Djs or sports pitches, equipment etc depending on time of year, group size and requests.

    Ill send you a friend request over and yes any help will be gratefully recieved.

    At present I’m planning a back to school brunch in southend between 10 & 2 on the 17th September.

    Then potentially a group start up date for September 28th…….🤞🤞🤞


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    Hi liane that would be great, does the friend request appear on here or email? As I’ll look out for it

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    Hi ESB,

    how are you feeling today?

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    Liane 245

    Friend requests appear on here xxx

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    Hello Karah & everyone

    Well yesterday I had such awful dizziness due to all the stress I’m sure so I’m thankful its not present today.

    I am really looking forward to meeting up at least 1 person in the next week or two ..

    We really have to take each day as it comes literally ladies.

    Some days I feel a little hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel other days just so hopeless.

    But … Gotta keep trooping on


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