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    hi i am new to this its been a week. i have done on line forms for ctax, housing benefit, school meals.

    What else do i need to do asap, and how long does it take to get these things to kick in? NO idea and little bit worried! should i ring the them on do the online forms? Thanks

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    Hi Stinkywinky1,

    All I can think about is the usual , child benefit , tax credits, child maintenance.

    Welcome to the forum, you’ll make lots of friends here and have loads of support.


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    HI jamiebear thanks. I’m trying to find a local place to myself in bedfordshire/cambridgeshire also. did you do  the forms online or phone up direct?



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    My first port of call was citizens advice bureau they offered some great advice. They’ll help break everything down for you. They’ll give you a sheet to fill in for a water discount, which I never knew yku could get.

    If you need any further help let me know

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    Thanks i  will look Into that asap.

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    Hi Marr

    Do you have to meet any requirements for the water discount?


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    I’ve also been told there is a warm air grant in the winter to help with heating bills but not sure how to go about it?

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    Hi i have a 3 bed place, the garage was made into a room, which is part utility, i would say and the other half is child’s room. sounds odd, but it works for us for now, just the back half has cupboards in it so the whole family literally have to walk in to get shoes/coats/washing! When form filling what do i or should i class my place as 3 bed, or 4? 2 girls and 1 boy so girls could share if need be. dont want to get it wrong.

    Does anyone know how long housing benefit take to kick in, and taxcredits, some places says 10 day to 4 weeks. or does it depend from area to area. Thanks

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    I dont about the water yet I am trying to find out. Will let you know if I do.

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    Hi You are in a 3 bed place, the odd room is a garage.

    You sound like you are in a rented property.

    housing benefit only pay a certain maximum amount for each property.

    Housing benefit are usually helpful and if you phone them they will tell you how many bedrooms you are entitled to IE a two or three bedroom property, this will depend on the age of your three children.

    Benefits have a cap on the amounts paid for rent and each area is different, so you need to know if there is going to be a shortfall in your monthly payment from them as you will have to top that up from the small amount you have left to live on !

    Another essential tip is never ever be late for appointments they make for you to get back to work as I heard even 5 mins late they can stop your benefit for up to 6 weeks so dont ever risk it. If you have little ones under 5 I dont think you have this problem.

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